About us

We are a group of Christians committed to supporting and promoting the impact of Christian Healthcare on the quality, cost and equity of Healthcare delivery in India.

While there are already organizations with a similar vision, it is important to supplement their efforts. Several of them have serious limitations that undermine their effectiveness.

This is an effort to draw from the global community of Christian Healthcare professionals who are deeply concerned about the rapid decline in the relevance of Christian Healthcare at the national level.

The unfortunate developments at St Stephen’s Hospital were predictable to those with discernment. This is a story oft repeated with diabolical consistently. Very typical, and has been happening far too long in Christian institutions.

It is time Christians ask the Lord for discernment and understanding on how they can contribute to the change that is needed. Else Christian Healthcare in India will sink into oblivion.


Our Vision

Our dream is to link Christians having an interest in the Healthcare mission to Christian Hospitals and Healthcare issues in India. Hopefully this site will evolve into a repository for information and issues in the Christian Healthcare domain in India and can be a basis for support through prayer and action.

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For any comments on the contents on this website, please write to admin@cmpio.org


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