The Real Concern

Dr Kristmukthi, past Chairman  of the Christian Medical College, Ludhiana,  once commented that a Christian Hospital is a window from where those outside can have a peep into what Christianity and Christians are like. Today St Stephen’s Hospital does not present a pretty picture.

A highly respected super-speciality  hospital that has been built by the sacrifice and love of thousands of God’s people over a period of a hundred years is today in the midst of an unseemly controversy. Christian and non-Christian staff alike are agitated at what is perceived as unjust and an usurping of the control of the Hospital by vested interests. Jesus said you will know them by their fruits. Whether it is the love of money evidenced by misappropriation of property or acquiring wealth by questionable means and its shameless display, the fruits are plainly evident. The nexus between those supposed to be the shepherds of the flock and patently corrupt administrators to intimidate the faithful into submission seems to be an unfortunately reality today.

The book of Revelation in Chapter 21 verse 8 gives a list of people who will inherit the second death – the eternal one. The first on that  list is ominously the “cowardly” (or as the KJV say, the “fearful”). We salute all those who by their courage to stand up for the truth and for justice, irrespective of religious affiliations or their standing in the hierarchy, have brought this grievous sin to the public domain. May God give all the devoted staff of St Stephen’s Hospital the courage to stand up for truth and justice, irrespective of the consequences. And may He be pleased to bring back the hospital to its mandate of serving the people and especially the poor as the Lord Jesus did.


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