No point in keeping quiet, now, its on TV

Dear friends,


We are all seriously concerned about St. Stephen’s hospital as I have shared to some of you. The Director has been getting more and more autocratic – recently high-handedly  dismissing and suspending senior doctors, and naturally they will not keep quiet. My colleague Dr. Rani Bhatia who was terminated after almost twenty years of service with the  stated reason  “not earning enough money”,  was given a month’s notice, and asked to re-apply, afresh, if she wished to continue as a part-timer!! Perhaps this is the new way of demonstrating WWJD  “what jesus would do” !! She  is BTW, an excellent, kind doctor….She is obviously livid, and agreed to an interview with News x. I am attaching the link. please have a look.



The hospital comes out terribly, and the Director has actually, on camera, said he terminated her as she was not bringing in enough money!!  Naturally the channel pounced, went all out to question our charitable credentials, and the ethics of hospitals hiding behind charitable status, but actually just looking for money. My colleague, to her credit, stood up for Stephen’s, despite the way she has been treated, but is the kind of image we want to project – of downsizing/ stopping services to mentally ill patients, who are poor, lose their jobs, struggle with depression, suicidal thoughts, phobias, fears? Of the bottom line being  wanting doctors to earn money from patients?


Frankly, I am sickened. He then suspended Dr. Monica Thomas, (who he has anyway been harassing for years since she asks questions about the hospital’s functioning)  and Dr Jacob Pulliyel for daring to protest on Rani’s behalf. Both of them are excellent doctors, who have been with St. Stephen’s all these years out of their Christian commitment. There is an atmosphere or fear and disquiet, and I, along with many others, mourn what is happening at our fine Christian hospital. We are being made to feel it is not ours, belongs only to the one man.


I am sending you this appeal to pray and intervene if you can. The Board can act decisively and check this style of leadership – so opposite to Christ’s way of servant leadership!! –  if they act together, so I hope and pray that will happen.


With much sadness,
Jamila Koshy

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